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Our approach to quality goes beyond excellence in formal procedures and systems. We live and breathe quality in every aspect of our work. Tasti has stayed in touch with its roots. We have succeeded all these years because quality is important in everything we do. And it still is, something which is recognised by the entire Tasti team. We all want to do our job well and deliver an end result that is the best it can be. This 'quality-minded' culture ensures all staff are involved in our quality systems and processes. We actively encourage our team to seek new and improved ways of performing responsibilities.

Internationally recognised certification

We also place great importance and value on our formal procedures and systems. Our New Zealand Food Safety programme based on HCCAP principles, is internationally recognised.  We have regular audits and ensure all our products comply with the requirements of NZ legislation, as well as other additional customer based quality requirements as necessary to ensure that Tasti maintains world standards in foods safety, food hygiene and food standard requirements. These are of course imperative to customer confidence in the items we produce. These are of course imperative to customer confidence in the items we produce.

On-site and off-site testing

Our Quality department also has on-site facilities for key tests, and access to world-class independent laboratories for specialist and independent testing. Tasti's manufacturing sites and warehouses are regularly audited and accredited by major food companies, leading retailers and independent authorities.

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